full-spectrum ecological and natural history property consultation, Biodiversity surveys and T&E Species monitoring and management

Josh Arrants

Naturalist: One Who Studies nature and marvels at it.

Teaching a SCWF Palmetto Pro Birder class at Harbor Island, SC on barrier island ecology, with a focus on shorebirds and horseshoe crabs.

The worlds of nature and culture intertwine and overlap. From the uses of animals as god-like representations in prehistoric and historic times to setting aside parks for recreation and natural appreciation, nature impacts humans as much today as it did when our ancestors began climbing out of trees and walking upright. Each trip I lead and each class I teach is a combination of these two worlds. As an interpreter, telling the story of the flora and fauna found around us connects people to the landscape.  When you give the backstory behind a plant or an animal and trace them to local and global cultural, social, and even economic importance, it gives individuals an intimate and tangible reason to care. It ties them to the resource.  That's what I seek to do.

Nature, you see, is a tactile classroom and offers learning opportunities that traditional classrooms cannot. Nature is special, in that when you touch it, it touches you back. (Photo courtesy Donna Douglas)

Arrants Outdoors, LLC offers full-spectrum ecological and environmental property consultation for industries, public lands and private landowners. Routinely leading nature walks and teaching natural history classes for various government agencies and NGOs throughout the country, I bring over nineteen years of experience in studying ecosystems from coast to coast.

Arrants Outdoors specializes in a variety of baseline survey options and surveys for threatened and endangered (T&E) species, along with biodiversity surveys on properties large and small. Arrants Outdoors regularly works with clients to assist through both federal and state environmental permit processes, as well as regulatory compliance. Having worked with global manufacturing companies such as BMW Manufacturing and international mining companies like OceanaGold, Arrants Outdoors has experience working on complex and difficult sites, closely adhering to specific safety protocols. MSHA Part 48 and HAZWOPER certified, I have extensive experience working with and supervising numerous site remediations, drinking water and air quality programs in multiple states.  I am also a fully trained and certified wildland firefighter.

Additionally, I work closely with clients to determine which native plants work best on their properties, the optimum location for all types of nesting structures, attracting various species of fauna and even pond management. Simply put, Arrants Outdoors, LLC offers a diverse array of consultation services to meet the needs of all property owners, no matter what size their property may be

As a naturalist, I have worked in the recovery of the endangered Red-cockaded Woodpecker, managed birds of prey, and have operated MAPS (Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship) stations for over fifteen years, with much of my field work occurring on two large military installations in the state of South Carolina. I have been an instructor for South Carolina Wildlife Federation's Palmetto Pro Birder and Master Naturalist programs and am a former SCWF Board Member. I am also a certified Master Naturalist in the state of Montana and have been a guest Master Naturalist instructor in the state of Texas. A Magna Cum Laude graduate of both Central Carolina Technical College and the University of South Carolina, I hold degrees in both Natural Resources Management and Anthropology.

Archaeology dig in the southeastern US

I have been fortunate enough to study birds and natural history from California to Virginia and along the gulf coast in Texas, Alabama, and Florida. From saving sea turtle nests on the beaches of Bon Secour NWR following the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill to conducting snake research at Carolina Sandhills NWR, my natural history experience is varied and is not simply limited to ornithology. Sure, I've chased Yellow Warblers beside Niagara Falls and I've watched as a Golden Eagle soared across a Montana sky, but I've also sat with US lawmakers and discussed the need to fund conservation projects that would open up public recreation possibilities and set aside land for the protection of T&E species. I've also spent my fair share of time digging for artifacts on archeological digs throughout the Southeast.

If there is one thing about my Alma Mater, the University of South Carolina, that I take pride in, it is the Carolinian Creed.  As stated by the university, it "emphasizes openness and the general principles of civility." The principles of the creed are the defining differences between a Carolinian and just a Gamecock fan. They separate someone who attended the university and took the values of the USC motto, "Emolit mores nec sinit esse feros" (Learning humanizes character and does not permit it to be cruel), to heart from someone that simply puts on a Gamecock hat and goes to a sporting event. The two portions of the Carolinian Creed I like to spotlight are:

  1. I will respect the dignity of all persons.

  2. I will discourage bigotry, while striving to learn from differences in people, ideas, and opinions.

With that in mind, I proudly say that Arrants Outdoors, LLC does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, age, national origin, or sexual orientation.

Sharing the magic of nature with the next generation of conservationists. (Photo courtesy Donna Douglas)